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  • Sanos, New Dental Sealant

    Fri Jan 27 09:16:29 EST 2012 by: Allen Veterinary Centre Tag: "News" 

    Allen Veterinary Centre now has Sanos Dental Sealant. Apply this dental sealant after a professional dental cleaning and help prevent dental disease for up to 6 months. No additional home care or brushing is needed. Ask one of our staff members for more in (read more)
  • Dental Cleaning Discount

    Fri Dec 16 12:16:04 EST 2011 by: Heather McGregor Tag:

    Schedule a dental cleaning during your pets wellness exam and receive 10% off the price of the dental cleaning.

    *Patient must have dental cleaning within 6 weeks of their scheduled wellness exam in order to receive the discount.

    (read more)